Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Doing our bit to save trees

Just sent this email to the entire office as the local representative of Environment, Health and Safety team.


You can now recycle all your paper at the Shred-Pro bins, which are typically located near copiers and printers!

A paper recycling survey launched in January by the Environmental Team indicated that 99% of the respondents supported a paper recycling program!

If you took the Paper Recycling Survey and requested a desk side paper recycling bin, please contact your building Paper Recycling Contact to get your bin:

Recycling paper saves:
- trees (recycled paper, instead of trees, is used to make new paper)
- water, pollution emissions, oil (it takes fewer resources to process recycled material than new material)
- disposal costs (we save dumpster space and landfill fees)

Please see the top of the Shred Pro containers for what is OK and not OK to recycle.

Please consider reusing the blank backside of your paper before recycling (as a notebook, putting back in the printer or copier to print on, or initially printing on both sides (how to instructions at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HP011543871033.aspx)).

Brought to you by your Environmental Team


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