Sunday, April 17, 2005

End of an era ?

Saurav Ganguly has been suspended for six matches by ICC and the media and public have welcomed the decision. Could match referee, Chris Broad, in fact have ended Saurav Ganguly's international career?

But, Gaurav Sabnis asks, Do we have a batsman who can walk into his slot easily?

Also, today India played for the last time under coach John Wright, who strated his career with Ganguly's captaincy. According to this interview with the Telegraph, he must be feeling very empty, angry and frustrated.

Excerpts from the interview -

On working with Sachin Tendulkar:
I’ve been privileged. His humility, Strength of character, Class as a cricketer ...a wonderful experience.

If I had the job all over again:
I would ask for a vote at selection meetings...Performance is most important, but the attitude factor is there as well.
The zone-wise representation of selectors should be stopped. Only the best team must be picked...It may have been useful, but isn’t so now.

Challenges facing Team India:
No. 7 slot in ODIs (all-rounder), Fielding, Genuine Quick.

Biggest change:
Belief that wins can be recorded overseas...

No. 1 disappointment:
Losing the 2003 World Cup final, Not being able to win the Sydney Test 2004,...

No. 1 achievement:
Beating Australia in 2001, Defeating Pakistan in Pakistan 2004, Chasing 326 in the 2002 NatWest final.

Truly, the end of an era !!

Update: Also read John Wright's final press conference and Amit Varma's reaction to it.


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