Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sledging your own team-mate

From India Uncut - Amit Varma's blog

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly stand face to face in the nets at Mohali. Then they bend and assume their stance. They're batting in adjoining nets; Sachin is a right-hand bat, Sourav is a left-hand bat, and so they're actually facing each other in their stance before looking down the pitch towards the bowler.

The thought strikes me: do they ever talk? Could they hypothetically sledge each other in the nets. Imagine this:

Sourav: How's your elbow, Sachin? If you're not feeling well, Yuvi's there?
Sachin: At least he won't bat like Nagma, like you do.
Sourav: (Miffed) Wait till we have to run between wickets together.
Sachin: I suggest you look at the bowler. See, short ball.
(Sourav falls on the pitch, knocked out. Inzi walks by.)
Sachin: (To Inzi) I think he'll be late for the toss, Inzi.

Hmm. Maybe not.


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Good ones Swap :). This should be followed ..hehe ... chintu.


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